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Imagine Opening Up Productive Warm Market Teams
All Around The Country...To Grow YOUR Organization,
Bank Account & Lifestyle; Starting As Soon As Tomorrow.

Our goal is to put you in the best position to reach the levels of our best clients, recruiting an average of a new recruit every week!

quotemark-left5This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, are genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I've received so many Sherell Slaiseamazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! I'm enrolling at least one person every week into my business! Thank you for all your training and coaching! Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting! I absolutely know this will have long-term impact on my business! quotemark-right5  Sherell Slaise, Chicago, IL

Pastor Kennyquotemark-left5The true value in the Responsive Lead program, beyond that they've always offered excellent lead prospects at super low cost prices, lies in their new Prospecting Academy, an uncommon view of the early prospecting process and incredible passion to truly help others succeed. quotemark-right5  Pastor Kenny Smith, Longtime Client, Advocate and Industry Visionary. nav bar


Got Leads?

Do you know the most common Industry comment, shortly after exhausting a warm market?

“If I just had more interested, qualified people to talk to!”

A message from Industry Leader & Client, Pastor Kenny Smith:

Pastor Kenny If you want to know how I help team members keep it flowing when their WARM MARKET gets LOW...


“Start talking to more people who are looking for you!”

I HIGHLY recommend Responsive Lead's PROSPECT LEADS and have been for nearly a decade now. More important, I'm also a client of Responsive Leads! Find out WHY, right now.

One of the struggles moving into the cold market; many of the folks you connect with just aren't that interested or looking for a Plan B.

Now this issue IS FIXABLE, since each Responsive Lead prospect has made a conscious actionable decision to finally go ALL-IN to finding a PLAN B, a secondary income and better way than working 40-50 years for the man (system), never ultimately fulfilling their life's TRUE desires or aspirations.

Then Responsive Lead's new “Prospecting Academy” training, weekly coaching calls, and one-on-one coaching, anytime; covers STEP-BY-STEP exactly how to quickly make meaningful connections with your cold market (including their prospect leads). Easily and comfortably move MANY MORE prospects towards the real possibility of change, RARELY missing a chance with any viable prospect, potentially your next whale.

Learn the KEYS to building the foundation for long-term mutually beneficial relationships with people you DON'T even know yet!

(i.e. Learn how easy and comfortable it can be to talk to ANYONE. Exactly what to say to prospects, initially, to quickly breakdown barriers & skepticism while building trust and likability; as well as what NOT to say to avoid opposition, skepticism and rejection...Just the TIP of the iceberg.)

Learn to become a Cold Market Champion; be interesting, valuable and utilize the power of attraction, like how to easily strike up a “Magnetic Conversation” with ANYONE.

Not to spill the beans here, but at LESS than .44c per prospect, right now, I highly suggest that you don't delay or put this off. Get started right away talking to fresh hot prospects expecting and waiting for your call! For the record, this is the lowest price level they've EVER offered!

This is a VERY Limited Time OFFER... On a trial basis, and THIS week ONLY.

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Our New “Phone Ready” Prospect Lead Promo At Our Lowest Pricing, EVER!

For over 8 years our most popular package of 200+ prospect leads per month, straight to your INBOX daily, has been priced as high as $138/mo. A great value in it's own right.

Even better, our daily prospects, the “Prospecting Academy”, our weekly coaching; the entire program IS NOW ONLY $94/month! And as low as 44c per prospect, for the same type of leads retailing between $1.75 to $2.25 each, all over!


Of course our “Prospecting Academy” is offered at no additional cost to every client. (A $2500 value.) A proven, actionable plan right now is invaluable for your business as well as your partners!

CLICK HERE to order and GAIN ACCESS to your winning, sustainable, duplicatable recruiting program NOW!

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Here's what you get for our lowest investment EVER:

  • 13 Fresh Prospects, expecting and waiting for your call, sent 4 days each week to your INBOX without YOU lifting a finger!
  • Learn about a simple automated smartphone app (with quick step-by-step setup guide) to organize ALL your prospects SEPARATE from your main address book; while instantly and consistently sending push-button personalized TEXT and EMAIL from the message library, after a quick effective voicemail or any time you want! (The largest most successful corporations in the world do this pretty well; and now, so can you for about $10 bucks, ONCE!)
  • Gain access to ALL our PROVEN and TESTED (email, sms and voicemail) content used during our original trial last year, when we started seeing client results equal to the heights of the 2000's when our industry first began utilizing the internet! And you're a click away from calling prospects, leaving a voicemail and sending a personal Email and sms text; all in under 45 seconds!
  • Gain FULL access to our “Prospecting Academy.” (A $2500 value). Learn break-through success strategies for ALL your cold market recruiting efforts! You'll quickly see how much EASIER it actually is to meet and build relationships with new people. (Exactly what to say, initially, to quickly build trust and likability and, just as important, what NOT to say to avoid opposition, skepticism and rejection.)
  • Plus, NO long-term deal or contract, only month to month, you decide.

Here's a quick tip: This all relies MUCH more on your ability to ask unique, engaging, meaningful questions over your ability to talk. And we'll include pages and pages of some of the absolutely best questions to ask potential prospects on the planet; many you've never even thought of asking. Our industry experts are often cited saying that your income is proportional to the size of your network (your circle of influence). What's not mentioned as much, but no less important, is the correlation of the size of your network and your ability to ask unique, engaging, meaningful questions with active listening skills.

And this is just the TIP of the iceberg!

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Here's a note from, Mark, the FOUNDER

We are changing the game with some new strategies and the help of a new smartphone app. Once again we have the opportunity to change how Network Marketers and Home Businesses prospect for business builders.

This is a 2 part special announcement. In a moment, I'll share both; including our most exciting news in nearly a decade regarding our new package pricing. The lowest pricing in our history!

But first, like we did during the decade following the turn of the century we, again, have the opportunity to change “The Art Of Prospecting” for our industry, making it WAY more effective and efficient...Again using cutting-edge communication technology; this time utilizing the underlying power of our smartphones!

It all began in 1998 with an embolden passion to help others like myself (struggling to figure out how to use new technology to carve out a long-term, life-changing, duplicatable income) that represents the backbone of the U.S. and Western Countries around the globe, the Middle-Classes.

We spent years learning how to effectively help others share duplicateable solutions and strategies that effectively empowered them to increase their earning potential without affecting their primary income source.

The true challenge was, and still is, how to QUICKLY breakdown personal barriers and skepticism to begin building rapport, trust and empathy to cultivate meaningful connections that lead to long-term, mutually beneficial, relationships. And it's easier than you think, when done properly AND consistently.

We focused on where we could have the greatest long-term impact, and within a few years grew our customer base to well over 10,000 men and women, just like you, all with a similar primary goal. At the time, the KEY was learning how to best utilize the PC and email automation. And like with the early PC it took many years to begin to fully utilize its true beneficial power, automation and efficiencies to make a difference in actual RESULTS; and the impact has been MASSIVE.

If you happen to know a little about our history, you may be aware of the far-reaching viral impact we had bringing database driven email marketing, (the mail-merge or auto-personalization of email), to the home based business market. We were lucky enough to dramatically change how Network Marketers prospected in our industry, going all the way back to 1999.

Ultimately, we were the first to bring database driven personalized email marketing to the home business arena at a fraction of the cost that the only companies fully taking advantage of this technology, huge national and multi-national corporations.

All but ONE platform even coming close to what we offered in Postmaster Software came with a price tag from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars! One reason why, at around $300 as a one-off, we sold thousands of licenses and rewarded millions of dollars in sales.

The New York Times once said this about Email, “It's the most powerful media ever invented.”

The thing is that email is STILL the most cost-effective, yet flexible communication channel on the planet! Text messaging is now the most cost-effective communication channel to GET ATTENTION but Email is STILL the most cost-effective way to deliver a full message with multimedia, etc. Nothing else even comes close. You just have to understand how to use it properly and how to differentiate yourself; but isn't that always the case?

It's the same with the smartphone, text messaging and smartphone apps. We are just now beginning to see REAL results effectively using smartphone apps, text messaging, etc., again, to improve our efficiencies, effectiveness and ultimately RESULTS.

And now, using the iPhone or Android app we recommend that perfectly fit our client's needs to efficiently manage and track all their prospects along with push button multi-channel communication from click 2 call, to following up with a coded personalized email AND personalized sms text messages from the message library.

We are VERY excited about the opportunity to change the game, again, and the results are, to date, AMAZING; quite frankly nearly unbelievable. Early results were SO eye-popping that we had to test over and over again, and the results were rock-solid consistent, when done correctly and sending the proper messaging!

So, why are we so passionate about this project? It's simple. Like our staple Postmaster Software, back in the early 2000's, we have another incredible and unique opportunity, for lightning to strike twice and again change the prospecting process “The Art Of Prospecting” for our industry, forever.

We put everything we know and have learned over the last, near, two decades and coupled it with cutting-edge technology to deliver our multi-channel messages the fastest and easiest way possible and have the largest possible impact for our clients.

PART 1 of our Special Announcement:

Now, in the next 1/2 hour or so, you can be at the very forefront of another industry paradigm shift, like our early clients, many of whom have long retired.

And what's incredible is for under $10 ONCE, we’re helping Networkers partially automate the VERY STEPS that we KNOW NOW more than DOUBLES our client's meaningful prospect connections and puts about one new recruit EVERY WEEK into their business!...All at the tip of your fingers! Simply amazing.

An added bonus is the ability to BREAK the “doing business” dependency on your computer, corded phone and a desk for good!

By the way, this applies to ANY and ALL your prospects, not just our leads. Ultimately, this means putting HALF of ALL your prospects, going forward, BACK ON THE TABLE! It's equally important that anyone with a smartphone, from your very newest recruit to seasoned veteran, CAN DO THIS!

The key is simply the ability to consistently reach out to where your prospects are listening, even on the move, with the right message through the right channel; guaranteeing to build your prospect's desire to connect with YOU. When you're able to more than double your meaningful prospect connections, across the board with ALL your prospects, the entire math changes; and why we're seeing clients recruit 3-6 new team partners every month!

And now there are NO excuses! Even if you're super busy. :)

After all, that was the idea!...How could I virtually guarantee that even our busiest clients WOULD be willing to follow this proven plan? I knew that was going to be the key and, quite frankly, why you're reading this right now.

Of course it doesn't hurt to be exactly what you need to organize all your contacts and the ability to click 2 call, leave a voicemail, click 2 send auto-personalized text and email messages; all in under 45 seconds! You can now make a few calls, without skipping any crucial steps, “on the go” from ANYWHERE, ANY TIME!

Take advantage of time away, unplug from the computer and still get done what you need, just much more efficiently and effectively within your ever-changing schedule! And now, all you need is your smartphone and and one of these two apps!

Not only are we, FINALLY, releasing our TESTED proven (sms text, email and voicemail) content, an absolute CRUCIAL part of the process, to be used as the saved app templates plus voicemail scripts; I’ve also finally compiled a complete and thorough review (overview) of this entire, PROVEN, process.

This includes all the recently added components we discovered that aren't even in our main training yet!...everything we learned over the last 9 months of testing & tracking changes to our 17 year process and we could NOT have done it without several of our invaluable client groups! (This part is only available to active customers.)

Special Note: We learned, very clearly early on, that any improved efficiencies and economies of scale are never going to be the end-all solution.

Many past Networkers learned this valuable lesson back in the 2000's when they honestly thought they could build MLM businesses focusing on the Web and automation without actual direct ongoing communication and relationship development. Obviously, it just doesn't work that way, at least NOT over the long-term.

The key, past the importance of the actual content messaging and the ability to do all this fast and easy over and over, is NOT to lose the “old-school” direct one-on-one communication.

Our primary goal has always been just to make your actual “TIME” prospecting MUCH more efficient, spending WAY more time on effective, meaningful connections and developing long-term mutually-beneficial relationships.

The best way to do this is to quickly put clients in the position for many MORE meaningful “Magnetic Conversations” and LESS time on background tasks, breaking down personal barriers and skepticism (also often eliminating early and common objections). And instead consistently create environments that quickly build trust, rapport and likability.

Being able to systematically manage, automate and communicate with ALL your prospects, including ours, greatly makes the “live” time WITH prospects MUCH more productive and effective; a mutually beneficial place of cooperation and effective planning.

This makes it MUCH easier to generate, build and cultivate constructive relationships. It's like being able to automate some of the time consuming relationship building tasks, by sharing your intentions and motivation along with valuable resources easily demonstrating empathy and your strong desire to be of value and helpful, upfront, often before your first live connection.

PART 2 of our Special Announcement:

Not only are we excited about testing our new “lowest pricing we've ever offered,” but equally excited to help you implement our new strategies and automated smartphone app!

Because of some recent economies-of-scale and network traffic cost negotiations, we have the opportunity to offer our prospects for two of our most valued client bases...

...At the lowest investment we have EVER offered to ANYONE, since we began offering prospect leads back in the early 2000's!

Pastor Kenny Smith has offered Responsive Leads prospects to team members for almost a decade now with the base package retail price at $138/mo.; a great value in its own right.

***EVEN OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE, 200 PROSPECT LEADS PER MONTH IS GOING FROM $138/mo. to ONLY $94.00/mo.; a savings of over $40 per month! And UNDER 44c per prospect on the larger package (the same as those leads retailing at $2.25 or more)

However, this is for a VERY limited time TEST and on a short-term TRIAL basis. We are only running this offer, for a while, as a test.

Of course, as always, even if after THIS week, we NEVER offer this pricing again, YOU will NOT see a price increase, not a penny more, for the entire 2018 year! Only $94.00/mo for as long as you choose to have an active account.

Finally, be sure to share this with your organization, as well, in order to help as many team members as possible stay engaged and continue building towards momentum. Insure they're focusing on key “income producing” activity, recruiting; while getting some of the best cold-market prospecting 'coaching' and fresh prospect leads available on the planet. Insure you and your team finish the peak business building period of the year STRONG!

Unfortunately, folks rarely consider the long-term costs & ramifications of losing momentum that they've worked so hard to build; and in many ways often having to start from scratch. A proven actionable plan to help build momentum is invaluable; and at just a $94/mo., right now, can make all the difference in the world.

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A Simple, Powerful Smartphone App To Double Your Overall Meaningful Prospect Connections & Recruiting Rate! ...including Our Prospect Leads.

It's time to take action.

It will take under 30 minutes and less than $10 ONCE, to get in front of this paradigm shift that will change how Networkers prospect in our industry, forever.

Simply put, this app organizes ALL your prospect leads aong with push-button call, text and email messaging. Basically, you can partly automate exactly what our clients were already doing to bring in ONE new recruit, on average, every WEEK into their businesses from our prospects!

And it's so much bigger than, just learning how you can spend half your time prospecting and getting the same done or twice done in the same amount of time! Bottom-line is that you'll be WAY more efficient and effective at the most important aspect of your A LOT more relationships and ultimately add A LOT more of your new network into your business.

If you've ever used or heard about Phoneburner; the auto-dialer software that also sends email, this simple app is even better AND you can forget investing about $70-$150 every month for PC software like Phoneburner! Stop being tied to your headset, computer and office! PLUS you can send instant personalized sms from the message library in addition to Email!

“The iPhone app you recommended was exactly what I needed! Truly push button easy and now I'm have fun making way more calls than ever, the RIGHT way using email and texting. Now ALL my prospecting is completely organized and, oh right, I'm now adding 3-5 new business builders a month! I'm getting results like never before, thank you, thank you!” ~ Barbara Mackie, Springfield, MA (We also offer an Android app.)

Imagine wherever you’re at, whenever you want, all you need is your phone and a few minutes to be able to make a few calls, send your sms text and email messages from your library; while waiting for an appointment, waiting for your significant other, over lunchtime, or any downtime you have. Now it’s as easy as opening your smartphone app and start clicking.

Also it’s SO easy to go back to previous days to make your 2nd, 3rd or even 4th attempts and insure that you now keep up with all your prospect leads and stay organized! The app is really a dialer app in addition to the other contact manager features along with tracking all your attempts, callbacks, NOTES, as well as other dispositions for future use and actions! It’s very cool.

We learned several critical things, last year, during our extensive testing and tracking of our new recruiting process using the new smartphone app. What got our immediate attention were the early results that our clients were getting using this new process. We were seeing prospect connection rates nearing 70% and recruiting rates more than doubling; similar to results our clients saw in the early 2000's!

Also two of our initial suspicions were proven true. One was just how crucial it was to send EMAIL and TEXT messages right away during the process. This got the prospects attention and differentiated our clients from other recruiters. Only leaving prospects voicemail broke down the process and reduced client results by as much as 40%!

The other was our long-standing suspicion how crucial it was that the prospect NOT learn about your business until the time is right and you've had a chance to make a meaningful connection! Most-likely, this is the most common mistake in our entire industry! We are seeing about 95-98% of the market either blindly sending email all about their business or offering to send it within minutes of meeting someone or talking all about it too soon.

The core reason this doesn't work is that the business, payplans or even product is NOT what the prospect really buys. Prospects MUST buy-into YOU first, everything else is secondary; so sending details about your deal too soon and thinking that will SELL them, simply doesn't work. If it did, why would a company need to invest 50-80% of their profits into YOU (their network) rather than just let a Website and multimedia to sell their products?

You might be thinking, what the heck would I possibly send then? No worries, we'll share EXACTLY what to send and why. Not only will it make complete sense, you'll also find how much easier this makes the process concentrating (focusing) all your efforts on your prospect and that YOU are the one that can help them. And we'll share the exact content that tested off the charts, clients were using to get over one new recruit each week, on average, into their business!

Not only are we, soon releasing our BRAND NEW TESTED AND PROVEN (voicemail, sms text and email) content for your smartphone app template library...but you'll also learn exactly how to use these channels where and when prospects are more actively LISTENING, to get your prospects attention quickly and keep it!

We discovered just how incredibly important it was to also be sending sms text messages to prospects right off the bat! Unfortunately, we also learned that hardly ANY Networkers were utilizing ANY text messaging early on in the process. BIG MISTAKE. This is the MOST important aspect of all to get your prospects attention and even get an opportunity to differentiate yourself!

When we changed the actual PURPOSE of the text messages AND the voicemail the results, especially the % of meaningful prospect connections, immediately went through the roof!

Our clients also gain access to the complete summary review of this entire new prospecting process! (Much of it is not even included in our main training yet!) You’ll learn EVERYTHING that has sent client results off the charts!

The initial focus is how clients are actually doubling their meaningful connection rate with ALL their prospects (not just our leads) simply communicating, consistently with PROVEN sms text and email messages, through additional channels where prospects are more likely LISTENING.

Ultimately, it’s simply an easier way than ever to increase your % of meaningful prospect connections and moving MANY MORE prospects towards the real possibility of change; and RARELY missing a chance with any viable prospect, potentially your next whale.

Bottom-line is that clients are seeing a massive increase in the effectiveness of their initial few one-on-one communication.

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Daily Prospect Leads for More Recruits & More Profits.

Responsive Leads is a trusted lead generation company that has worked with many industry leaders, business builders and Network Marketing companies over the last, near, two decades.

Not only have we generated over 1/2 million prospect leads for our industry, since the early 2000's, but even more importantly...

We provide the training & coaching to a new way of approaching people that you may not know or utilize yet. You'll be amazed not only how much easier this process is than doing most the talking, but more important, how duplicateable this is for ANYONE, even those team members that have never been super comfortable reaching out to people they don't know, where 99.9% of their future potential lies!

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Generating Some Of The World's Most Responsive And Best Converting Bizopp Leads, Is Only Half The Story.

Clients are seeing an unprecedented increase in cold market prospect conversions to team members and customers (across the board too, not just with our leads, in Web, social and local markets) by a reported 140% to 1050%! (That's not a misprint :)

Our “Prospecting Academy” separates us from the pack, beyond having some of the most responsive, best converting and cost-effective prospect leads available.

This is one of the most impactful aspects of our new lead program, including lots of new concepts and now proven strategies greatly helping our clients with exactly how to effectively, efficiently and painlessly prospect ANYONE, without ANY prior relationship!

Pastor Kenny has said, for some time now, that the value Responsive Leads brings with the Prospecting Academy often overshadows our rock-solid fresh pre-qualified prospect leads, often considered the frosting on the cake! We were visiting a while back about how tough it is to put a value on the full program, especially when you consider future value, but similar coaching programs (without one-on-one coaching support) beginning in the $2500 range!

Sherell Slaise from Chicago, as just one example, added her first four team members from the prospect leads her first two weeks in the program! After going through the new Prospecting Academy in a few days of reading & attending the weekly coaching conference call; she was running full stride in under 2 weeks and averaged over one new recruit EVERY week over the long-run!

You have a unique opportunity right now to help yourself and your team members make the most of all their recruiting efforts taking full advantage of an incredible opportunity to gain your own competitive-edge.

A proven, actionable plan is invaluable for your business and your partners!

Responsive Leads Is Not Just A Premier Lead Generation Company; We’re Also A Network Marketing Training And Coaching Company.

Through "The Prospecting Academy" we combine an uncommon view of the early prospecting process that gets results, with an incredible passion to truly help others succeed.

Insuring that you get reliable and consistent results from your entire network marketing business now and into the future is always our overriding goal. Responsive Leads uniquely places skill development equal to the importance of our lead generation!

First, you'll learn how to maximize your prospect connection rate, initially and with subsequent follow ups, without alienating people and making even MORE real meaningful connections.

For several reasons, today, it's harder to get people on the phone than ever! And as you've noticed, this goes for just about everyone, other than your Mother of course.

This has forced us to get good at using other communication channels to get prospect's attention. And as important than what channel and when, is the message!

We've spent a better part of a year testing and tracking results and we not only share the exact messages for voicemail, sms text and email for your message library, we'll also share a simple smartphone app that will makes it as easy as two clicks to deliver your messages!

Then we share an uncommon approach when you do make a connection. We'll show you how and why it's SO much more fruitful to lead with asking meaningful thought provoking questions. We focus on how to quickly build trust, rapport and credibility in order to build the foundation for new and mutually beneficial relationships with good and true intentions at the core.

This also keeps the focus where it must be at this point, on the prospect; NOT on you and your opportunity. It really is easier to listen more than doing all the talking and we know now, there's no better strategy to lead to real and meaningful conversations.

We also help you utilize what you've learned for the next crucial step, to demonstrate a sincere willingness to be of value and service. This is easier than you may think focusing on your areas of strength, life experiences, empathy, connections, insight and we have a plethora of resources in our library that you'll have full access.

We'll insure that you're in the best possible position to communicate and, more importantly, demonstrate the VALUE and SERVICE you bring others as a person and mentor, prior to your business.

Focusing on the prospect, asking the right questions, talking less and spending a whole lot more time listening to learn how you can be of service and value, is the ONLY way to break through today and really get your prospects attention.

Ultimately, the best way to simplify the whole recruiting process, especially from the prospect's perspective, is focusing a whole lot LESS on having all the answers and more on using your 3rd party resources & contacts. This is the only way to insure prospects will feel that they can do this business. Save your expertise for your team member's prospect, when your're the 3rd party resource, not dealing with ANY of your prospects direct.

Everything we coach is built around keeping your business duplicatable where anyone with a dream, a willingness to follow a plan and work hard can do this business! And you avoid the wide pitfall that perpetually makes your business a low paying sales job where you do all the work.

We'll also cover various other important topics like time management, task prioritization, working smart not just hard and focusing the majority of your efforts on income-producing activities.

Here's A Few Client Comments About Our Program

“This is way beyond fresh, low cost prospects in my inbox daily, whom for the most part, are genuinely interested in starting a home business like me. I've received many amazing responses from the prospects in response to your approach Mark! Thank you for all your training and coaching. Making a commitment to study your program and put it into ACTION has really improved my prospecting. I absolutely know that this will have a long-term impact on my business!” ~Sherell Slaise, Chicago, IL
“After several years of struggling to sponsor anyone outside my warm market with Responsive Leads and their amazing training and coaching program, I'm finally sponsoring prospects! They've just made the process so easy and comfortable meeting new people and sharing how I may be able to help them. It all makes sense now and it has changed everything! Simply understanding how to break down today's prospect barriers and skepticism guarantees my business and checks will continue to grow. Thank you Mark!” ~Susan Moyer, Chicago, IL
“Responsive Leads has always offered my organization great prices, a real and solid lead with excellent support, but their new coaching program sets them miles ahead of the competition.”~Don Maynard, Columbus, Ohio
“After years in MLM, sponsoring less than a handful of people, I'm finally making progress and consistently recruiting prospects! Thanks for all your coaching Responsive Leads!” ~Annette Welch, Anaheim, CA

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New prospect lead parameters you're able to request as priorities/personal preferences.

We just rolled out a brand new prospect lead fulfillment platform, too, and in addition to getting prospect leads much sooner each day, our new platform algorithms make it easier to customize each client fulfillment!

Keep in mind that these are completely dependent on availability and previously requested demand, but we can now take custom requests beyond a state priority list and can now entertain custom requests on (some) area codes, a target percentage % of male and female prospect leads, time zone, ethnic background, etc.

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You'll soon be on your way to averaging ONE new partner every WEEK into your business from our prospect leads!

They officially now recommend a new automated prospecting app for the Android and iPhone! They make calling, tracking follow-up, sending template personal email AND sms text messaging from your message library all in a few clicks!

Spend half your time prospecting, getting the same done or twice done in the same amount of time; PLUS more than double your meaningful prospect connection rate!

Bottom-line is that you'll be WAY more efficient & effective, CONSISTENTLY...

“Now that the dust has settled, I'm STILL enrolling at least one person every week into my business! When I consistently work your prospect leads many more say YES to the opportunity and if the timing were right for them, I'd enroll even more!

I know that filling up my pipeline with these prospects like this WILL also payoff for a long time. I am so satisfied with the service provided by Responsive Leads. So much so, that it's often difficult to keep up with the amount of interested prospects and still train those new business partners I enroll! I guess I shouldn't complain!” :) ”
~ Sherell Slaise (Chicago, IL)

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Serious Disruptive Change In Your Income and Life

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If you’re struggling to get one recruit a month, let alone one a week, this could potentially be the most important info, regarding cold market recruiting, you’ve had access to in a long time, maybe ever.

One thing that changed, unfortunately a double-edged sword, is that since the turn of the decade our target market, middle-classes in America and westernized countries, has grown massively over the last decade. If there ever was a time to turn lemons into lemonade, it's RIGHT NOW.

Here's start page for Business Builders to use and share:

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Here are a few more client comments on how we stack up!

quotemark-left2 Ever since switching lead companies, my enrollments have drastically gone up. I would recommend your Responsive Leads for anyone looking to contact highly responsive people and grow their business. quotemark-right2 Peter Burthwright, Markham, Ontario

dreamstime_241 quotemark-left2 ...I want to say out of all the lead companies, Responsive Leads are the best I've ever used hands down. You won't find a better quality lead for the price, period. I usually only have to talk to a handful of people before signing up a new broker with their leads. quotemark-right2 Dwayne Stutzman, Toledo, Ohio

quotemark-left2 Thank you Responsive Leads for providing me with a VERY cost effective, HIGH QUALITY lead with valuable information about my prospect. These leads were BETTER THAN the $5 dollar leads that I purchased from another company that gave me very little information about the prospect. quotemark-right2 John Riding, Clovis, CA

quotemark-left2 I really appreciate the fact that these are really true prospects that are truly looking. The experience I have had with your leads are these are people that are definitely people ready to hear what you have to say. quotemark-right2 Richard Rowley, Oklahoma City, OK

quotemark-left2 I have been receiving Responsive Leads for a few months and these are the most receptive leads I have ever used! They are actually waiting for my call! I have brought 9 new people into my business already! I can't thank you enough Mark! quotemark-right2 Melva Calvin, Gilbert, AZ

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Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Nothing will ever hold you back again, whom fully engages with our program and implements the process on a consistent basis; regardless where you live, who you know or your current skill set!

Let us know if you have ANY questions at all. You can reach me, direct, on my cell phone at or would like to reach us for any reason, just let me know here. It's the fastest way, next to calling us at 888-793-2882!

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you reach new heights! I look forward for the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can be of service to you!


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